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Welcome to Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes (Darkness Rising). A Naruto Roleplay set during an Alternate Universe.
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 Fuyuki Saiga Enkouten

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Fuyuki Saiga
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PostSubject: Fuyuki Saiga Enkouten   Fuyuki Saiga Enkouten Icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 6:38 pm

~Getting To Know You~

Name: Fuyuki Saiga (Yuki, Sai, Iga)

Clan: Enkouten

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 19

Height: 4'6"

Body Type: Slim


Village: Konohagakure

Rank: Missing Nin

Profession: Scouting/Hit-and-Run

Personality: Quiet and patient, Yuki tends more to fade into the background, less likely to be noticed than most others. This is because she prefers unexpected action, and enjoys having the element of surprise in all things. Like most of her bloodline, she is distrustful of strangers at first, even moreso, sometimes, than her father, renowned as one of the most suspicious of the clan.

One oddity that can be noticed is the devotion she shows to her friend Linesa, though most only view the tiger as a Summon. This is partially due to the fact with her father missing, Linesa is the only family Yuki has left. This in turn has led to a familial bond between the two of them, rather than the standard master/servant relationship most take with their summon.

She smiles little, her sense of humor very dry to say the least, but when she does, it is always with the sly smirk that makes you wonder if there's not something she knows that you've missed.

/Now We're Talking\

Fighting Style: Very much hit and run, Yuki prefers to strike fast and hard, and then move back into the shadows.

Carried Weapons and Items: Two kunai, small of back. Ninja-to, across back. 5 shuriken, band on left wrist. Kunai, band on right wrist.

Dominant Weapon: The ninja-to

Element: Fire

Shall we discuss your abilities?

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Jutsu Name: Shiryoku Be'ru Kurayami
Jutsu Description: By calling upon the shadows around her, and making the appropriate handsigns, which require only two fingers on one hand, Yuki can veil herself completely in shadow. This makes it easier for her to hide herself, as well as allow her to escape from certain situations. With Shiryoku Be'ru, however, she can't become immaterial, meaning if her 'disappearance' does not cause a release of whatever is holding her, she is still restrained.
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Grade: C

Taijutsu: (List your Taijutsu's and describe what each one does.)

Genjutsu: (List your Genjutsu's and describe what each one does.)

Life can be cold without partners...

Summon Name:
Summon Type:
Summon Link:

...Let's Take it Down a Notch...

Father - Saito Saiga Enkouten (Missing)
Mother - Tanoshi Saiga Enkouten (Deceased)
No siblings
No enemies (yet)
Sora Nomaku (Mistress/Lover)
Kitoroga Shirokami (Master/Lover)

Yuki was born to Saito and Tanoshi Saiga of the Enkouten clan 19 years ago. This was a momentous event, as both her parents were fairly advanced in years when she was born, and she was their first child. It meant that the Saiga branch of the Enkouten family wouldn't die out with them. However, it caused a few issues, as her mother died a few months after birth from complications.

Her father did his best to raise her, but as he was usually on missions, she was left in the care of the other women in the village. This was a good thing, however, as she observed many various jutsus during this time. When volunteers were asked for attendance in the Shinobi training academy, she immediately signed up, much to her father's pride.

While she preferred working alone, due to the rules of the training, she worked grudgingly with the two other Shinobi assigned to her team, and the three of them seemed completely unstoppable, even when she and one of the other members were both badly injured in one of the fights. Even in spite of this, the three continued fighting, refusing the recommendation of time off for them, stating that in order to grow stronger and learn to ignore pain, they would have to continue fighting even when injured.

They almost didn't complete the training, but through the combined efforts of Yuki and Mokuba Saotoma, one of her teammates, all three of them managed to make it through the final round, much to the consternation of Rock Village. Yuki immediately separated from her compatriots, as after graduation, she no longer needed to work on a team constantly. However, the three of them still stay in touch, regardless of how far apart they may have drifted.

Now, she runs recon and scouting for Konoha, as well as hit-and-run misdirection tactics when fighting is necessary, much like her father before he went missing during the trials.

Other Information:

RP Sample:
Quote :
With all the commotion, no one even noticed Yuki slipping into the crowd, her hood pulled up around her face and hair. Linesa stalked along beside her, keeping to the outside fringes of the crowd that had gathered to hear the Hokage speak. He, of course, noticed her entrance, but not many others did, which was how she preferred it.

Background constantly, she hated being the center of attention with a passion that almost made her scream in rage every time someone tried to call attention to her. It was annoying to say the least, not to mention it made it more difficult for her to do her job.

She sighed, listening to the words drifting to her across the crowd. She'd known this was coming, ever since the last team of Shinobi had gone missing. The kage was asking for a rescue team to volunteer. Normally she would, as scouting and rescues were her specialty. But he had specifically said 'team'. That turned her off right there. She hated working with others. Solitude and stealth forbade it, and since she had been alone most of her life aside from Linesa, it suited her just fine.

However, she would still approach the Kage afterward and offer to go as a backup team, and possibly to help the primary team by dropping reports for them. However, she would not be part of the team itself. She'd hated having to do the testing with a team, even though they had eventually won her over. She smiled softly as she thought of the two Shinobi that had gone through that hell with her, and then pulled herself out of her daze. The gathering was breaking up, and it would make things rather complicated if she had to slip through to the Hokage with everyone milling around. So she slipped out, arcing around the crowd to the path the Kage always took after these gatherings, prepared to meet him on the way.

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Fuyuki Saiga Enkouten
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